About Us

0EMI Imaging was rapidly expanding by 1987 and needed to do something with our byproduct (paper). EMI researched to find someone to recycle the paper in a truly confidential manner. After six months passed and no one could be found, alternative methods had to be pondered.

With help from Virginia Tech it was affirmed that almost 30% of cattle feed could be generated from shredded paper fibers with out loss of nutrition to the livestock. That would mean with just our daily volume, we would need to manage 1,000 head of cattle, more than a full time job, and we were unable to proceed.

After almost one year of meeting with mills, sending samples, and hundreds of hours of research, EMI opened a paper recycling center forming EMI Recycling in 1991. “From Creation through Destruction”-EMI’s recycling division completes the confidential imaging circle as well as serving a much demanded community need.